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Our Mission

To enhance security in the Near East and South Asia by building sustained, mutually beneficial relationships; fostering regional cooperation on security issues; and promoting effective communications and strategic capacity through free and candid interaction in an academic environment.


Our Vision

To build sustained, engaged communities of influence and partnership among security professionals and leaders in the NESA region.


Achieving the Mission

Achieving the mission of developing influence in the region requires sponsoring foundational seminars, primarily in Washington, D.C. and establishing a forward office in the region.

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Welcome Students

The Registrar’s office is the primary point of contact for all candidates for courses, conferences and seminars conducted by the NESA Center. Application and registration forms for these events, plus other academic activities, should be sent to the Registrar’s office.

Foreign Nationals

Invitations for NESA Center courses, conferences, and seminars are sent to the designated Federal Governments through official channels within the US Embassy in the nation’s capital or to the appropriate representative embassy … Read More

US Gov Military or CIV Employees

A limited number of slots are reserved in each seminar for U.S. Government officials. U.S. Government officials must provide a completed registration form, résumé  …. Read More

Parking & Fort McNair Access

NESA participants are provided transportation, but ample parking can be found in front of Lincoln Hall (Bldg 64) if needed. For individual entry onto Fort McNair without a military or federal employee ID, use the gate at 2nd & Q St SW and be sure to allow ample time for vehicle inspection.  

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Executive Seminar

These flagship courses seek to stimulate dialogue on strategic issues affecting the Near East South Asia region among national security professionals. Topics include U.S. foreign policy; the current and future regional strategic issues; counterterrorism; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and disaster management.

Senior Executive Seminar

Tailored to the needs of senior policymakers, and shorter than the executive seminar, this course brings general and flag level military officers and their civilian counterparts (ambassadors and assistant ministers) to Washington for workshops focusing on the key foreign policy issues currently facing the region.

Combating Transnational Threats Seminar

Designed for CT practitioners—those involved in this issue on a daily basis—these seminars seek to build capacity and enhance regional partnerships. Key themes include: defining transnational threats; regional terrorist threats; assessing regional, sub-regional and national responses; tools, strategies and best practices for combating terrorism; strategies for enhancing national and regional cooperation; and a case study/capstone experience.

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Strategic Studies Network

An initiative of the NESA Center, the Strategic Studies Network (SSN) is a partnership of over seventy institutions dedicated to interdisciplinary study of politics, natural resources, economics, diplomacy, and military power. In order to help develop regional solutions to regional problems, the goal of SSN is to encourage think tanks in developing policy-relevant research with frank and informed dialogue on security challenges facing the region.