The Registrar’s office is the primary point of contact for all candidates for courses, conferences and seminars conducted by the NESA Center. Application and registration forms for these events, plus other academic activities, should be sent to the Registrar’s office.

Foreign Nationals
Invitations for NESA Center courses, conferences, and seminars are sent to the designated Federal Governments through U.S. Embassy official channels within the nation’s capital or to the appropriate representative embassy in Washington, D.C.  Registrations for NESA Core Seminars are only accepted through the U.S. Embassy in the individual’s home country.

United States Government Military or Civilian Employees
A limited number of slots are reserved in each seminar for U.S. Government officials. U.S. Government officials must provide a completed registration form, résumé or biography, and letter of approval from a superior.

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If you have questions or concerns related to participation in a NESA Center academic activity, please contact the Registrar office via e-mail or by fax at (202) 685-4999 (more contact details on the right side bar of this page).