Foundation Seminars

Our foundation seminars examine broad themes: U.S. foreign policy; the changing strategic environment, including an assessment of the campaign against violent extremism; the impact of globalization on regional strategic issues; elements of the national security strategy; and concepts for enhancing cooperation and regional security.

Executive Seminar

These flagship courses seek to stimulate dialogue on strategic issues affecting the Near East South Asia region among national security professionals. Topics include U.S. foreign policy; the current and future regional strategic issues; counterterrorism; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and disaster management.

Senior Executive Seminar

Tailored to the needs of senior policymakers, and shorter than the executive seminar, this course brings general and flag level military officers and their civilian counterparts (ambassadors and assistant ministers) to Washington for workshops focusing on the key foreign policy issues currently facing the region.

Combating Transnational Threats Seminar

Designed for CT practitioners—those involved in this issue on a daily basis—these seminars seek to build capacity and enhance regional partnerships. Key themes include: defining transnational threats; regional terrorist threats; assessing regional, sub-regional and national responses; tools, strategies and best practices for combating terrorism; strategies for enhancing national and regional cooperation; and a case study/capstone experience.