**The NESA Center is currently accepting applications for Summer 2019 internships. The deadline for Summer 2019 internship applications is Friday, April 19, 2019.**

To apply, send your resume, cover letter, and writing sample (1-3 pages) to Mr. Sam Marrero at The NESA Center reviews internship applications on a rolling basis, so interested applicants are encouraged to apply early.

NESA Interns Spring 2019

Intern Biographies below are listed according to the photo above from right to left.

Katie Fiducia is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Law and politics and Sociology, with a certificate in crime and criminology. Her interests include globalization and its effect on 21st century governance, immigration, and environmental policy. During her time studying abroad in Rome, Katie volunteered as an English teacher at Casa de Kim, an organization that coordinates medical treatment for immigrant children in Italy. Katie has also volunteered with several afterschool programs within the Manchester community, many of which serve the large refugee and immigrant youth populations in Manchester. Recently, she finished her senior capstone on federal, state, and community-based approaches to immigration in Manchester, NH. Through her time with NESA, Katie hopes to apply her field-based experience to the NESA region to further understand the innerworkings of international security, migration, and human rights.

Alex Yung is a senior at the College of William & Mary, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Arabic Language and Literature. He has spent his undergraduate career studying the Middle East and North Africa, including two summers studying and working in Morocco. Alex also worked as a student research assistant for AidData, a think tank that conducts research on international development issues. He is passionate about the growing problem of water scarcity, and is looking forward to studying its security consequences for the Near East and South Asia region. Alex is excited to have his academic understanding of the issues facing the NESA region tempered by the policy-making experience of the professionals at the NESA Center.

Cecilia Williams is senior at Fairleigh Dickinson University majoring in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and minoring in Economics and Business Administration. Before returning to the United States to study, Cecilia spent 14 years living in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, gaining a particular appreciation for the role of international cooperation and security policy in the maintenance of global stability and prosperity. During Cecilia’s time with NESA, she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of security strategies that nations of the region employ to promote cooperation in the face of conflicting national interests. She is working on her honors thesis that focuses on the relationship between gender and corruption, and so she also hopes to attain greater knowledge about the role and importance of women’s presence within international security policy.

Hannah Park is a junior at the University of Georgia currently pursuing a major in International Affairs and English as well as a minor in Spanish. She is particularly passionate about studying foreign affairs in the South Asia region after having been given the opportunity to spend a semester studying at the Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan. Her past experience of conducting research concerning the relationship between Bhutan’s recently transitioned government and its media development has deepened her interest in further examining foreign policy and security issues in the South Asia region. Additionally, her previous commitment as a staff writer intern at Yeewong Magazine during which she published content relating to female empowerment as well as civil society organizations in Bhutan, has reinforced her passion for studying the intersection between media, government regimes, and political participation. During her time at NESA, she is enthusiastic to learn about the political dynamics and foreign policy issues surrounding U.S. and South Asian governments as well as broaden her understanding of diplomacy and international relations in the NESA region.

Victoria Ramirez is a senior at Texas Tech University, where she is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Global Studies and Arabic. Thus far, she has spent her academic career learning about Middle Eastern and North African conflicts, culture, and policy. Victoria has studied/volunteered abroad in Morocco where she gained a deeper understanding of the language and the relationship between the US and the MENA region. She is fascinated with security and diplomacy in the area, particularly with counter-terrorism and the politics of each country. Through her internship at the NESA Center, Victoria hopes to gain further understanding of the role non-state actors play in the Middle East and South Asia.

Drew Abbott is a junior at Roger Williams University studying International Relations and minoring in Spanish and Anthropology and Sociology. Drew serves as treasurer for the International Relations Organization on campus, with whom she participates in Model Arab League and Model UN simulations. She has found a growing interest in the Middle East region since participating in these conferences and progressing through her academics. Drew hopes that through her experience interning with the NESA Center she will further develop a budding expertise in the field security cooperation in the Middle East.

“What was different than other internships was being able to develop our own research interests and getting to interact with participants from the region. That was an incredible experience. As someone who also interned on the Hill, the biggest difference was that NESA helped me professionally develop and expand my network in an area in which I’m interested in working.”

-Matt Mueller, James Madison University, Summer 2017 intern


“The NESA Center offered opportunities to which I’d never imagined I’d have access as a student. Not only was I able to take notes and learn from participant programs, but I engaged with participants and even observe  high level policy meetings. Very few internships could have offered me the same opportunities as the NESA Center.”

-Chris Atmajian, California State University Northridge, Spring 2018 intern


“NESA did not only give me the opportunity to see, listen and learn from experts in their fields, it also gave me the possibility to interact: Interact with promising military and civilian officials from the NESA region. NESA also helped me pursuing my future goals and putting me in contact with people in the field from my home country, Belgium.”

-Kirten Devlieger, Free University of Brussels, Fall 2018 intern

The NESA Center’s internship program is an opportunity for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students to gain professional skills and subject matter development on foreign policy and national security issues associated with the Near East and South Asia region. NESA interns are encouraged to leverage their internship experience to develop an area of interest, whether it be a certain topic or sub-region in the NESA area, or a professional skill like policy research, outreach and communications, program and event planning, or social media engagement.

NESA interns are expected to employ competent research, writing, and communications skills in support of NESA faculty research and programs. NESA interns receive access to the National Defense University library and research resources to support research work. NESA interns participation in conferences, workshops, and other programs at NDU featuring academics, subject matter experts, military officers, and diplomats. NESA interns also receive development opportunities throughout the Washington DC area, accompanying NESA faculty and participants on site visits to such places as Capitol Hill, the Pentagon and the State Department.

NESA interns are encouraged to pursue publication opportunities under the guidance of, or in partnership with, NESA Faculty. Publication submissions will be subject to faculty review. NESA complies with National Defense University’s Memorandum on Academic Integrity regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty. That memorandum can be found here.


  • Assist NESA Center faculty and staff with long- and short-term research projects related to the NESA region.
  • NESA programs support: note-taking, course material preparation and logistical support.


  • An interest in International Affairs, Defense and Security Studies, and the NESA Region.
  • Detail oriented, highly organized, and able to work independently or in teams.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Foreign Language skills a plus: particularly Arabic, French, Russian, Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Dari.
  • Interested applicants must be enrolled in a degree-granting university program (undergraduate or graduate).