Upcoming Programs 2018-2019

NESA Center Upcoming Programs for the 2018-2019 year in Washington, DC. For more information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Executive Seminar (ES 01-19), 22 OCT–02 NOV 2018

“New Security Challenges within in the NESA Region”

The NESA region today is faced with a host of both traditional and nontraditional threats. This seminar will shed insight into the region’s greatest security challenges going forward, including ISIS, human security issues, bilateral disputes, opportunities for enhancing regional security cooperation, as well as the impact of globalization and U.S. foreign policy in the region.


Senior Executive Seminar (SES 01-19), 04 FEB–08 FEB 2019

“The New World Order”

Designed for senior-level security professionals interested in questioning current dogma (state and sovereignty, kinetic vs. cognitive warfare, R2P, etc.) and its impact on the NESA region, this seminar focuses on both internal drivers of change (like urbanization, crime, and environment) and external drivers of change (including powers like Russia, China, the U.S., and the rise of artificial intelligence). This seminar is aimed at challenging traditional thinking and seeks to explore an innovative, refined vision for the future of the NESA region.


Executive Seminar (ES 02-19), 04 MAR–15 MAR 2019

Security Along the ‘Seams’ and ‘Border Areas’”

This executive seminar will explore the seam and border areas that partially define the NESA region, and how to address the conflicts and instability that can result from seam and border area issues. The seminar will also scrutinize matters like the division between established and new military methodologies (traditional vs. cyber ops), hybrid domain threats (maritime vs. land-based operations), and geographic chokepoints creating problems of sovereignty (maritime straights, disputed borders, etc.).


Combating Transnational Threats Senior Executive Seminar (CT 01-19, CTFP), 10 June–21 June 2019

“After ISIS: Major Regional & Non-Regional Actors’ Approaches to Counter Violent Extremism”

With ISIS defeated on the battlefield, the global community is now grappling with new challenges as ISIS itself and a myriad of splinter groups continue to operate surreptitiously. Designed for CT practitioners, this timely seminar explores best practices in capacity-building and enhancing regional partnerships, as well as the strategies that NESA countries and non-regional actors are using to stabilize a “post-ISIS” landscape.


NESA Executive Seminar (ES 03-19), 09 SEP–20 SEP 2019

“Technology & Security in the NESA Region”

With rising cyber-attacks on military and civilian infrastructures, and challenges presented by e-government security and extremist groups exploiting social media, technology plays an increasingly important role in the NESA region’s security. This seminar, designed for participants with a working knowledge of technology’s use in security in their country, delves into the critical issues and opportunities arising from technology’s spread across NESA region.